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I started going to the cheer doctor to gain strength for tumbling and stunting. when I first started going, I was really struggling on my standing tuck to get it consistent. No matter how many reps I did it just wouldn’t get consistent. Until I started doing these workouts, not only has my standing tuck gotten consistent, now my tumbling is much more powerful on any surface. With stunting, I have so much more power as a base and control under the stunt.

-Cassidy Donaldson, Highschool Cheerleader

“Maria has absolutely changed my cheerleading abilities in every way. Her ability to pinpoint what each individual athlete needs is astonishing. I struggled with terrible lower back pain that was holding me back from reaching my full potential. Once I began working with Maria I noticed that pain became less with every workout. I’ve grown stronger and learned how to unlock my full ability with Maria’s help . Everything from my confidence, strength, stamina and over all ability to do skills wouldn’t be anywhere close to where it’s at now without Maria’s help!”

-Gabby Krenitsky, Ohio State Cheer Commit

Benefits of Making Mat Program:

Look, we know the struggle. Cheerleading demands top-tier training and a supportive crew, but it can cost a pretty penny.

Hiring an online personal strength and conditioning coach alone can cost $500 per month.

That's where 'Making Mat' steps in, offering you the same elite coaching and community for a fraction of the usual price – just $49.97 a month. 

That's right, the same quality, but way more affordable.

Now, you might be raising an eyebrow, wondering why I'm dishing out this golden opportunity for such a steal.

Here's the real deal: I've cracked the code, found a way to deliver top-notch training and support without breaking a sweat. By harnessing the power of group dynamics, I'm able to serve up the goods at a fraction of the usual cost – it's efficiency at its finest.

Plus, you're not just signing up for a program; you're stepping into a powerhouse community of go-getters, all gunning for greatness right alongside you. Here's the lowdown:

1. Custom Strength and Conditioning: Say hello to three killer workouts each week, tailored precisely to your position and skill level, all delivered through the Teambuildr app. It's like having your own personal strength coach in your pocket, priming you to peak performance.

2. Nutritional Support and Information: Access to a guide on nutrition for cheerleaders, as well as expert guest recordings speaking on the topic. Learn how to fuel your body for optimal performance and recovery, ensuring you're always at the top of your game.

3. Exclusive Community Access: Join our tight-knit band group led by me, your go-to spot for swapping tips, sharing vids, and getting that extra boost of encouragement. It's where you belong – among champs in the making. Want me to review your cheer resume? Post it in the group! Want to know what you’re doing wrong in your hand in hand? Post it in the group for advice!

4. Monthly Zoom Power Sessions: Hang with your fellow cheer warriors and I every month for a Zoom sesh packed with insights, victories, and all the motivation you need to crush it on the mat.

5. Expert Insights, Delivered: Get up close and personal with industry pros in exclusive calls. From sports psychology hacks to NIL tips, you'll be armed with the knowledge to dominate your game and be successful in more than just cheerleading…

Ready to become the powerhouse cheerleader you were born to be?

'Making Mat' isn’t just a program – it's your ticket to domination, all for less than 50 bucks a month.

But act fast – Limited spots are available and reserved only for dedicated cheerleaders.

We're here to turn your goals into triumphs. See you on the mat!

You may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing [email protected]

Hello fearless cheerleaders!

My name is Maria, and I want to formally invite you to join my Making Mat community!

I had a lot of support throughout the years to help me compete among the best in the world, and now I want to share my support and resources with you!

As a physical therapist, strength coach, and former USA cheerleader with multiple world championships, I know what it takes to succeed and I want to share the secrets with you.

I was once a high school cheerleader navigating without the luxuries of specialized training, weight room access, or professional nutritional guidance.

And I often found myself plagued by injuries and aches/pains.

Joining the Ohio State cheer team changed everything.

With dedicated support systems including a team strength and conditioning coach, tailored nutritional advice from a team dietitian, and an array of other invaluable resources at my disposal, my abilities flourished, and my chronic pains dissipated.

Empowered by these tools, I set my sights higher, aspiring to compete at the pinnacle of cheerleading: the USA cheer team.

In under two years, I transformed from struggling to execute even the most basic stunts alongside the top athletes at Ohio State to confidently attempting elite stunts for the USA Cheer tryouts.

When I found out I actually had made the team I was astonished.

This achievement was undeniably a product of the unwavering support and comprehensive resources provided by Ohio State.

Subsequently, I proudly secured three gold medals with USA cheer.

Now, driven by a desire to share the wisdom learned from my journey and to aid fellow cheerleaders in achieving their highest aspirations, I invite you to join my Making Mat membership.

Gain access to the wealth of knowledge and resources that propelled me to success, and embark on your own journey to reach the pinnacle of the sport.

Below is an example of what the inside of the app looks like.

This is a "Base Basic" program for someone who is a base, but only has access to minimal equipment (DBs, KBs, bands)

Once you sign up, you will choose from Base Bodyweight, Base Basic (minimal equipment), Base Intermediate (full weight room access), Base Advanced, Flyer Bodyweight, Flyer Basic, Flyer Intermediate, and Flyer Advanced.

All programs are designed with the assumption that the bases/flyers are also tumblers.

When you click on the exercise, a video pops up with how to do it and a space pops up to input your results

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